Jaguar Parent Teacher Organization
PTO Goals

Big Picture PTO Values:

Positive, Community Focused and Inclusive Environment

Support Teachers (Financial and Volunteers)

Knowledgeable/Informed Members – Parent Advisory Committee

Family – Balance between past, present and future

Transparency and Effective Communication

Voice for Parent, Children and Teachers

Opportunities for Kids

Play to strengths

Proposed Jessup PTO Mission Statement:

PTO is a fun, community focused, organization in which parents and teachers collaborate to achieve common goals through open and respectful communication.

PTO Board

PTO board members: Ty Severson, Jessica Lundberg, Jackie Van Cleave, Annie Dreher, Shannon Erickson, Natalie Winter, Marlo Erickson, Katie Karabetsos

Co-Presidents: Annie Dreher and Jessica Lundberg

Vice-President: Jackie Van Cleave

Co-secretaries: Natalie Winter and Marlo Erickson

Treasurer: Shannon Erickson

PAC Representative: Ty Severson and (alternate) Brooke Bulgrin