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Jessup News & Announcements

18 days ago

Re-entry Plan 2020-2021

Click here to view the document.

Jessup Families,

Please click here to view our end of year video. We look forward to seeing you all in August.

Video from Nurse Wright

Please click here to view an informative video from Nurse Wright.

Good News About Accelerated Reader!

The Renaissance AR program is now available from home! Students simply log onto ClassLink, log into their Renaissance account, and take the quiz just like at school!

Please keep in mind that, though this is not a standardized test, good test-taking rules still apply. Students should not use help from adults or others or look through the book to find answers. While we are in quarantine mode, integrity will count more than ever!

The clock is still ticking on the Million Words contest! Students who pass ARs for one million words or more are automatically entered into the drawing on the last day of school for amazing prizes purchased by our amazing PTO!

READ, READ, READ Jessup Jaguars!

Having trouble getting into AR? Click here for our troubleshooting guide!

Jessup Student Council Canned Food Drive

Congratulations Jessup Jaguars!  You donated 3300 food items for the food drive sponsored by the Jessup Student Council.  Half of the food went to Needs, Inc., and half of it went to the Comea shelter.

Thank you Jessup PTO!

Thanks to our wonderful Jessup PTO, the students now have access to 15 new computers. They also provided Jessup students with a rolling cart where the new computers will be housed. The cart and computers will be joining Mrs. Dobler’s and Mrs. Morrison’s 1st Graders! Thank you for helping us grow our brains!

New Box Top App

The NEW and improved Box Tops mobile app uses state-of-the-art technology to scan your store receipt, find participating products and instantly add Box Tops to our school's earnings online.

Click here for info on how to download the app

Jessup Recess Map

Please click below to view the Jessup Elementary recess map. The map shows designated play areas by grade.

Click here to view the map

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Message from Our Principal

2 months ago

Dr. Leiseth

Barbara Leiseth, PhD

Jessup Elementary Principal

Photograph of Principal Dr. Barbara Leiseth

Dearest Jaguar Parents/Guardians,


At this moment in time, we are planning to welcome all students back to the 2020-2021 school year on August 24th. As Dr. Brown keeps stating, we are writing things down in pencil as we are serving in unprecedented times. Thank you for being flexible, for sharing input and ideas, and for partnering with us to provide quality education to our students during a global pandemic.


We are super-excited to welcome student in grades K-2 and intermediate ESY students to Jessup’s Summer Learning Academy. Our first day is Monday, August 3rd. Knowing COVID-19 is still active in our community, the District and Jessup have required guidelines as well as specific processes and procedures in place to help keep students, families, staff, and our community safe. I believe some of the Summer Learning Academy processes and procedures will remain the same when we open to all students in the fall. Many of those decisions will be discussed at the July 27th. I encourage all of you to attend via Zoom or to watch it on YouTube.


The information shared with families of students attending Summer Learning Academy is subject to change as the District follows the state and local health guidelines. Those changes may compel adjustments to District and school plans and procedures.


Summer Learning Academy is intended to be held as a Tier I, in-person or face-to-face program.  However, in the event a classroom or school is closed due to a COVID-19 concern, teachers will contact parents/guardians to determine the most effective way to support their child during the remaining Summer Academy session. This may include physical learning activities sent home to each child along with teacher guidance and support, online learning classes, and technology-based intervention programs. Each option will include direct teacher to student contact as determined in partnerships with parents/guardians. We are better prepared to provide remote, adapted, or online instruction than we were in March 2020.


Although LCSD#1 and Jessup are committed to the safety and well-being of our students, staff, families, community, and we strive to provide accurate and safe protocols, there is no guarantee an individual will not contract COVID-19. We believe by working together, we will be able to support a safer learning environment for all. As circumstances arise, we will problem solve together.


Summer Learning Academy will begin with breakfast at 7:45 am. It will be packaged for individuals and served in the classrooms. Individually wrapped snacks will be provided in the classrooms. Recess times will be scheduled at alternating times during midmorning by grade level and grab and go lunch bags will be given to students as they leave their classrooms at noon. Additional protocols for Summer Learning Academy are listed below.


Getting Ready to Come to School

Per Parental Health and Screening Guideline (Wyoming Department of Health) before coming to school each day, parents and students will check for any of the following symptoms:

  • A cough
  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  • A fever of 100.3°F or higher or a sense of having a fever
  • A sore throat
  • Chills
  • New loss of taste or smell
  • Muscle or body aches
  • Nausea/vomiting/diarrhea
  • Congestion/running nose – not related to seasonal allergies
  • Unusual fatigue


Does anyone in our household have any of the above symptoms?

Have I been in close contact with anyone with suspected or confirmed COVID-19?

[Please note, the recognized symptoms of COVID-19 will likely continue to be refined over time. This list will be updated as necessary.]


If students have any of these symptoms or answer “yes” to the questions above, please stay home from school and call the office to let us know students will be absent. Prior to returning to Summer Learning Academy students must be fever free without the help of medication for three days.


Parents/guardians or other caregivers will escort their students to the designated grade-level doors with a face mask on at 7:45 am. Students will not be dropped off on the playground as there will be no supervision scheduled prior to the start of the day. Older students may walk younger siblings to their designated doors and then walk to their doors for screening before entering the building.


Safety at School

  • Before entering the building, Jessup staff will take students’ temperatures using a touchless thermometer. Students will enter the building wearing a mask.
  • When arriving in the classrooms, teachers will ask the COVID-19 Screening questions listed above.
  • When students are in the classroom, they will practice social distancing and wear a mask.
  • Students will bring a water bottle and a jacket to school. There will be no need for a backpacks, additional snacks, or other personal items. Students will fill their water bottles at sinks in the classrooms. The hallway filling stations will be turned off.
  • While in the classrooms, students will stay in their designated area and use only their designated supplies. Students will not share materials, supplies, or computers.
  • Students will wash their hands frequently and use hand sanitizer throughout the day.
  • While transitioning from the classrooms, students will maintain safe distances, wear face masks, and follow directional rules in the hallways.
  • When using the restroom, if all stalls are occupied, they will wait by a “Wait Here” sign until a stall becomes available or return to their classroom.
  • After using the restroom, students will wash hands thoroughly while remaining six feet apart.


Additional Safety Information

  • For the safety of the students and staff, visitors will only be allowed entrance to the front office when necessary. Please call the office in advance (307) 771-2570.
  • No more than 50 individuals can be in one room or area at any given time. At Jessup, we will keep that number much lower.
  • It is CRITICAL to have updated contact information in for parents/guardians in Infinite Campus. Open lines of communication are crucial.
  • Jessup has designated quarantine area where a child or staff member may go if he/she presents COVID-19 symptoms during the school day. Student’s parents/guardians will be contacted immediately to pick up their child. Contact tracing will be used to identify students or staff members who may need to self-quarantine for 14 days. Which means they will be exited from the program.
  • The building and all work spaces will be cleaned and sanitized daily.
  • Lost and Found items will be monitored by staff. If your child is missing something, please call the office.
  • Students who purposely do not follow the health and safety rules may be asked to leave Summer Learning Academy.


Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

  • If a parent or guardian needs to pick up a student due to an illness or medical appointment, he/she will need to call the office when he/she arrives in the parking lot. Please remain in your vehicle. A staff member will bring your child to your vehicle, check your identification, and assist you in signing out your student. Only parents, guardians, or other individuals identified on the student’s contact list in Infinite Campus, having appropriate identification, will be allowed to pick up the student.
  • Students will arrive at 7:45 am for breakfast and enter through the designated doors.
  • Students with sibling or those meeting family members after school need to set up a designated meeting area outside the building, on the playground.
  • Classes will be dismissed at 12:00 pm through specific exits from the building.


The staff at Jessup Elementary School is committed to providing a safe, welcoming, and inclusive learning environment where all children can grow academically, socially, and emotionally. We are excited to partner with parents and guardians to provide a successful onsite summer learning opportunity for our students. Thank you!


With warmest regards,

Dr. Leiseth

Barbara Leiseth, PhD

Jessup Elementary Principal


4 months ago

Welcome to the Jessup Library page! A heap of helpful information can be found below. We have several links to sites that can help your child achieve great things!

Click here to access the 2020 Summer Reading Program Calendar. All students who participate will receive a fun prize, a certificate and a chance to win a Barnes & Noble gift card! HAPPY READING!

Please remember that Mrs. Reynolds is always ready to help a reluctant reader, an exuberant reader, or any reader in between!

*Want to see if we have the book you want?  You can now check the Destiny card catalog from home!

Jessup's Card Catalog

Clipart of three kids sitting on books

Clipart of bookworm with books

Library Links

  • Citation Machine - Click here to create beautiful bibliographies and citations for your research papers and other non-fiction writing! Citation Machine is free to use and works for APA, MLA, and all other formats!

Clipart of cupcake with candles

Birthday Book Club

Join the Jessup Library Birthday Book Club!

Click here for a form! Please return to Mrs. Reynolds in the library.

Research Like a Boss!

The Wyoming State Library provides us with millions of dollars worth of top-quality databases suitable for kindergarten through adult! Click here to explore!

GoWYLD student databases

Clipart of a girl working at a computer