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Message from Our Principal

Jessup Family and Friends,

As you know, LCSD1 continues to meet with state and local health officials and has deemed it in our best interest to remain in Adapted Learning status for the remainder of the school year. This means school is still in session through June 3rd, but teachers will be teaching, and students will be learning remotely. I am thankful Jessup is a small, closely knit neighborhood school that operates like a family. We do our best to take care of each other. The entire staff is rallying around the needs of our students and families with health and safety as our top priority.

We are making every effort to continue providing positive, productive learning opportunities during the building closure, resulting from the global pandemic. We are fortunate to have incredibly devoted parents, students who love learning, and teachers who are lifelong learners and are willing to put in extra time and effort to ensure students will thrive in our new school setting. We have a strong support staff and those in leadership positions at LCSD1 have been working extremely long hours to address all aspects of public education, make decisions for the greater good of all, and to allocate funds and resources to make the best of an unpredictable situation. We have been offered differentiated and asynchronous professional development to meet our individual and specific needs. Like families and students, all of us have jumped out of our comfort zones, changed how we communicate, stay connected, build and maintain relationships, and how we facilitate teaching and learning.

Currently, all teachers have Canvas pages functioning as their digital classrooms. Most students have access to technology at home, while others are receiving the same learning opportunities through hard copy learning packets. Whether online or offline, teachers, paras, and other support staff continue to stay in contact with students throughout each week by recording lessons, providing homework help, giving feedback, and reteaching when necessary using formats like Teams, Remind, and cell phones. We are all grateful for parents, siblings, friends, grandparents, and other relatives who are at home partnering with us, so students have the best chance to learn at the highest levels.

Two years ago, Jessup updated our mission and vision statement to include fostering grit and began purposefully and intentionally teaching to develop growth mindsets. Even during a pandemic, we are seeing academic growth! Bravo Jessup Jaguars! You have grit and amazing work ethics! Stay motivated!

Parents, please continue to share any needs you might have with your child’s teacher, so we are able to make necessary accommodations to assist you throughout fourth quarter. I am in the office from 8:00 a.m. to noon, Monday through Thursday and can be reached at any time through email. Please let me know how I can help. Thank you for partnering with us and for sharing your amazing children!

Stay healthy, well, and engaged,

Dr. Leiseth

Photograph of Principal Dr. Barbara Leiseth
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